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The Tides Scarf

2 skeins Silk Purse
30w Spruce

1 skein Haiku
18c The Night Air

At sail on the high seas, salt air and soothing breezes lift the traveler’s spirit. Each day the sun rises and sets seamlessly, bathing the elegant ship as she cuts an ocean path to lands unknown. The rest of the world is left in her wake, as mystery and adventure await the sojourner. Stand on the bow and peer into the depths of the endless horizon.

The Tides Scarf is an exercise in pure luxury. Double-stranding Silk Purse and Haiku, the rippling motif knits up in a flash, providing a rhythmic and deeply satisfying knit. Wear it wide like a shawl, or double it over for a super-warm and incredibly practical scarf!

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