"Give yourself over to absolute pleasure." ~ Dr. Frank N. Furter
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The Illusionist

4 skeins Haiku
25c Aubergine

Some journeys are made to nearby ports, while others are close in proximity to the heart. And some of our most grand adventures find us never leaving the privacy of our own inner sanctum. In this landscape, dreams and fantasy become an integrated part of who we are and how we experience the world. Sometimes the real world and the realm of illusion blur, and there are moments when it may be unclear which is which.

This is the world of
The Illusionist.

Texture and color know no limits in this remarkable design, knit in the irresistible Haiku. Worked lengthwise on the needle and seductively rippled with movement and drama, the knit is an exploration of simple and satisfying ruching. The Illusionist is meant to subtly unveil your full knit magic.

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