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The Origamist

9 (10, 11, 12) skeins
Silk Purse
42m Silver

Practiced since the Edo Period of the 1600's, the exquisite art of paper folding is a significant part of Japanese culture. Origami butterflies were made to represent the bride and groom at Shinto wedding ceremonies. Samurai warriors exchanged gifts adorned with noshi, a good luck totem made of folded sheets of paper.

The Origamist, in Silk Purse, is a creative exercise in geometry and patterning, culminating in a graceful cardigan. Artistically unparalleled, this piece folds into myriad interesting shapes—wear it long with elegant drape, wrap both ends behind the back, or throw one (or both) lengths over the shoulder. The possibilities are all luxurious, with each configuration finding you wrapped in a lush textural experience.

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