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Slanted Eyelet

1 skein Silken Straw
59c Rainforest

If Paris is the City of Love, then Florence must be the City of Passion. In this mecca of extraordinary history, no visit is complete without a stroll through the dazzling Uffizi, the awe-inspiring experience of Brunelleschi’s Dome, and a walk through Boboli Gardens at sunset. A destination that ensures a celebration of the senses, Firenze embraces all that is lovely and beautiful.

In honor of such cultural riches, this scarf is a wonderfully worthy knit. Only one skein of yarn is needed to work the simple two-row lace repeat. Designed to engage the beginning or experienced lace knitter, the end result is a flowing, elegant, and very wearable accessory. Readily adaptable to any of Alchemy’s fiber offerings, we show it in Silken Straw.

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