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Cable Cardigan

7 (7, 8, 9, 9, 10) skeins
Silk Purse
98c Mediterranean

From the ghosts of the Beat poets in North Beach to the good hippies of Haight Street and all points in between, San Francisco has made a living opening its collective arms to free spirits everywhere. The Summer of Love still lives in this Golden Gate city, where hearts are routinely left high on a hill, and dreams still come true. The Bay Area is a place where diversity is celebrated and the Wild West still exists in a modern landscape.

Sensuous silk is knit in a simply styled cardigan, embellished with a tidy cable along the seed stitch front borders. Timeless in design, with a nod to the classic eras that have gone before, this piece is destined to become an absolute favorite, to knit and to wear.

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