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Moonlight Sonata

2 skeins Silk Purse
76e Citrine
- OR -
1 skein Silken Straw
67e Topaz

The Piano Sonata Number 14 in C Sharp Minor, Quasi una Fantasia, is popularly known as the Moonlight Sonata. Dedicated to Beethoven’s 17-year-old pupil, with whom it is rumored the great artist was once in love, it has been said of this piece that it “is one of those poems that human language does not know how to qualify.” The stormy final movement reminds us of the beauty, sadness, and inevitable melancholy that are the exchange we receive when we give our hearts to love.

This classically elegant wrap is perfect for moonlit walks, summer strolls on the beach, or any time a touch of silken luxury is needed (isn’t that all the time?) Embellished with a clever self-fringe and written with an option for including the delicate sparkle of beads
(as shown), you’ll make beautiful music in the
Moonlight Sonata Wrap.

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